Political Musical Chairs is Expensive for Taxpayers
By Elliott Graham, a Gilchrist Campaign Volunteer

In the 48th Congressional District of California Special Election, the taxpayers can avoid the expense of having multiple special elections simply by electing private citizen James Gilchrist to the U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday, the 6th of December, 2005.

If Mr. Gilchrist wins, then newly elected State Senator John Campbell will not have to give up his seat in the California State Senate and cause the taxpayers to pay for another special election to fill the vacancy of the Senator who was just elected last year!

If Senator Campbell wins, he will then have to resign his Senate seat and not only cause another special election to fill that seat, but most likely at least one member of the California State Assembly will run for that unexpired senate seat and thereby cause the taxpayers to pay for another special election to fill the one or two vacant Assembly seats for the Assembly members who want to be Senators.

Then, how many City Council members of the many cities in this district will run to fill the vacant Assembly seats and how many citywide special elections will have to be paid for to satisfy the over ambitious politicians who are addicted to holding public office and enhancing their egos?

None of these politicians will represent the ordinary voters like us because they are all seeking the endorsement of other politicians who also care more about getting donations (bribes) from the lobbyists and their special interests!

These politicians also want more ignorant people to come in to this country just to vote for them even if it is for a free hand out!  Buying votes is their priority!

All of this can be avoided simply by convincing the majority of the voters to get out and vote for the private citizen who really cares about us and who will be a true representative of the people!

Therefore, all independents, members of minor parties, reform minded Republicans and true Democrats should all vote for Jim Gilchrist in this Special Election on the 6th of December, 2005!

Please go to my website at: http://www.elliottgraham.com , print out this article and FAX it to your friends, family members and to anyone that you know in the 48th Congressional District of California.

For information of where to contribute to Jimís Campaign or to help to elect an honest citizen who will do what is right and represent us and the interests of the American people, please go to Jimís website at: http://www.jimgilchrist.com .