Anti-Semites Use "Neo-Con" Code Word
by Rush Limbaugh

I'm getting a little tired of these media people speaking in their own code language. A case in point is their use of the term "neo-conservative." Whether they choose to hyphenate the label or not, it's a pejorative code word for "Jews." That's right. They use it as a way to say guys like Bill Kristol, Irving Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Norman Podhoretz, John Podhoretz (see column below) and others are just trying to support Israel at the USA's expense.
 These Anti-Semites see a Jewish conspiracy within their imagined vast right-wing conspiracy, and claim that guys like this have total control over the Bush administration's foreign policy - which is really, they claim, oriented toward building up Israel and wiping out Arab opposition. Now, don't think that every media person you hear use this term is an anti-Semite. These people are lemmings. One person says something and then they all repeat it. The conventional definition of "neo-con" is former liberal Democrat like Bill Bennett who became a conservative when the Democrats moved too far to the left for them, but that's not what most of these people mean when they say "neo-con" these days.

This is a way for people to sneer at the motives of a Krauthammer or Podhoretz, even though they're nothing more than conservatives like any Christian, Muslim or agnostic in the movement. They call Christian conservatives "the religious right," and they call Jewish conservatives "neo-conservatives." Think of it that way, and recognize it for the insult it is. I'd also recommend to you a two-part call from a conservative, Miriam, who happens to be Jewish, in the audio link below. You can also listen to Mark, who says he's a conservative who opposed the war. He tried to use an Algore analogy to questioning the religion of Bush's advisors - and I knocked it right out of the park.