Has The American Backlash Against the Leftist Democrats Begun?

The 2002 Election Results -- and the Urgent Need for Pressure from the Right

OK, unfortunately, Gray Davis won re-election as Governor in California -- and that is bad and disappointing, but nationally the Party of Hate, Fraud, Corruption, and Scare Mongering lost big time election night! I am really surprised and impressed by what happened in Minnesota; I never thought Mondale would be defeated. Hooray for the people of Minnesota! And hooray for all those who went to the polls and voted to make a difference -- instead of allowing themselves to be neutralized and sitting home -- leaving the field to the power-craving socialist Democrats by default (who will stoop to any fraud and corruption to gain and keep power)!

The DNC and its media allies pulled out all the stops during the campaign. But the electorate did not buy into the Democrat leadership's scare tactics this time. And Preident Bush is still very popular with the American people. There is a sense that we have grownups in the White House now -- a President who may actually be sincere and serious about such things as cutting taxes and strengthening American security -- unlike the previous Clinton-Gore crew which had nothing but contempt for the U.S. military, national security, and the American taxpayers. Dubya is having to deal with several huge messes and crises left by the Clintonistas -- especially in the area of lax security and human intelligence.

Without the convenient excuse of an obstructionist Daschle-controlled Senate, the Republicans are now faced with a new role: the ability to do whatever it is that their leadership deems is important for America. This is a position unfamiliar to the Republican party.
Does the Republican leadership have the gumption to do the right thing and act forthrightly to fight for and put through an agenda for progress, freedom, U.S. unilateral independence, and market capitalism? We know the Dems would not have, of course. The Democrat Party ideology stands for antiAmericanism in foreign policy and grand kleptocracy and welfare-state dependency in domestic policy. The Democrat Party is controlled by the Left, which blames all evils in the world on American Capitalism and White Middle Class Greed. It is the party of hatred and division.
But, all too often in the past, the Republicans have been too timid to really do anything of substance during those rare times they were given the power to act in government -- so, the various programs and taxes and regulations the Democrats had passed and implemented on the beleaguered American taxpayers, consumers, and bussiness folk were seldom even challenged much less swept away as they should have been. The statist gains and encroachments made by the Democrats were seldom reversed by the Republicans. That's why Big Government always got bigger, no matter which Party was in the White House.
And, of course, we are under no illusions that the 2002 elections represent any major ideological victory for conservative or libertarian ideas among the populace -- although it does seem that people are no longer deathly afraid to think about putting Social Security on a voluntary basis rather than irresponsibly letting it continue down its current path to ultimate financial catastrophe. Most importantly, we realize that the United States Senate is still going to be under the control of "liberals" and "moderates" and not libertarians or conservatives. The Republican majority is very slim -- and a Republican majority does not mean a conservative majority. Too many Republicans are "moderates" or even "liberals" in the way they thnk and vote. And Trent Lott, who will be the Senate Majority Leader, is well-known as an appeasing, non-ideological Country Club Republican who lets the Democrats run roughshod over him because he does not stand on principle. I concede all of that.
But, now we may have the opportunity to change the direction of the debate. As a rule, the party which is in the White House almost always loses congressional seats in the non-presidential election years. The results of the 2002 elections -- although very close in several cases -- are a significant reversal of that traditional political expectation, and the importance of that should not be ignored. It's a valuable window of opportunity. There is at least reason for hope for real progress in thwarting the passage of the irresponsible fascistic/socialistic schemes of the Democrats and rolling back at least some of their existing Big Govenment programs, rebuilding our national security, freeing the American economy, and restoring the private property rights of peaceful citizens.

Now, libertarians, conservatives, constitutionalists, and American patriots must keep grass-roots pressure on the new Republican majority with Pressure from the Right to repeal and undo at least some of the damage the Democrats have committed against the American people and enact needed reforms, such as the following:

*Appoint and approve strict constructionist honest judges into the federal judiciary that Clinton tried to pack;
* Make President Bush's tax cuts permanent and call for still more;
* Repeal of all estate taxes -- "death taxes" (as Repubicans and Libertarians promised to do)
* Repeal of the Capital Gains Tax
* Deregulation of domestic energy, including ANWR oil; abolish all political controls and regulations on prices of oil and other sources of energy; Abolish the Dept of Energy as quickly as possible, saving tens of billions of dollars and decrease our dependency on imported oil from the Middle East;
* Repeal of "environmentalist" regulations which violate private property rights while doing little or nothing to protect anyone's ecology; legalize and deregulate Freeon; put the brakes on the EPA and require an Economic Impact Study (showing how many American jobs will be lost, etc.) be made whenever any "environmental" regulation or law is proposed or any executive or judicial action contemplated in the name of protecting the environment or an "endangered" species;
* Defund the Left by abolishing Federal subsidies to anti-American left-wing propaganda outfits and lobbying groups such as the Legal Services Corporation;
* Repeal Campaign Finance Reform which restricts freedom of speech;
* Repeal or at least reform the so-called Forfeiture Laws and RICO; take away the current built-in incentive for law enforcement to seize property arbitrarily (and the corrupting influence such power has on them);
* Replace Tenant with someone competent as CIA Director; get rid of the Clinton holdovers;
* Begin controlling our national borders to keep out those who would harm the U.S. and its citizens.  Use the military to patrol our borders if that's what it takes.  Make heads roll at INS and start enforcing border controls to protect American citizens. Those responsible for letting sniper John Lee Malvo in, contrary to law, should be fired and investigated;
* Manage to get through Congress a genuine reform of Social Security giving more control to people over their earnings nad phasing out the compulsory aspects for those not dependent on it;
* Foster a spirit more of independence and personal responsibility rather than the one of dependency on Big Government that Democrats and Socialists and Greens have been trying to addict Americans with. It is time more Americans were weaned off of the gangrenous teat of the bloated American welfare state.
* Make real slashes in federal spending, especially in the so-called social spending categories. Phase out New Deal and Great Society programs. Use a nuclear-powered meat ax!
* Appoint Dr. Mary Ruwart head of the FDA;
* Abolish the Dept of Education and all its functions, and return education to local control and to the American people as responsive members of the private, non-political sector of society; do away with all federal subsidies and privileges going to the NEA and AFT and other left-wing educrat unions;
* Get rid of useless gun control laws and repeal the Brady bill which has been ineffective in preventing snipings or other violent crimes;
* Curtail the so-called War on Drugs, which is just an excuse to violate private property rights and constitutional freedoms in the name of "fighting drug abuse"; this would be the most effective way to disempower the street gangs and punks;
* Conduct a congressional investigation of the Clinton-Gore administration's involvement with sending military technology to the Peoples' Republik of China and helping that regime's military-industrial complex leap ahead several decades as a nuclear threat to world peace and American security. This must not be forgot. It is naive to believe that we can just assume that Communist China will somehow "mellow" as a result of trade relations. It didn't happen with Germany and Japan before World War II. Placing American citizens at increasing risk to nuclear blackmail in exchange for illegal campaign contributions from the Chinese Red Army is a crime bordering on treason and must not be let go. If Clinton and the Democrats get away with it, our nation deserves what it will get;
* Initiate a thorough investigation of Terrie McAuliffe's Global Crossing shenanigans; also investigate Goldman Sachs;
* Repeal or rescind the steel tariff hike made earlier this year. Bust the steel workers union and the reactionary leftist Longshoreman's Union! President Bush foolishly went the extra mile to appease the unions and they turned on him like a vicious dog; it's time to stop the special privileges.
* Have Gail Norton auction off federal lands to private bidders. Putting more land in the hands of private people and taking it out of the hands of federal bureaucrats would be a big step in the right direction since private stewardship is superior to government mismanagement.
* Repeal Affirmative Action and end politically mandated quotas.
* Pass the Bricker Amendment to restore the full authority of the U.S. Constitution and protect the constitutional rights of Americans from being over-ridden by treaties or other executive agreements.
* It would also be great if we had a Congress and an Administration so strongly committed to U.S. unilateral independence that they would get us out of the United Nations and get the UN out of the U.S.!  It is time we withdrew our moral and financial sanction from that anti-American council of criminal regimes.  And, whether or not President Bush sends the U.S. military against Saddam Hussein, he should do whatever he decides to do without waiting for UN approval or consultation.
* And, if the Republicans are really going to do something serious in the Senate, they ought to replace Trent Lott with someone more conservative and more effective (such as perhaps Sen. Don Nickles, Sen. Larry Craig or Sen. Bill Frist) as the Senate Majority Leader. Lott has disappointed us too many times.

The above suggestions are just a start. Much more needs to be done, of course. We cannot just sit back and assume the Republicans are going to do the right thing. They need to have their feet put to the fire with pressure from the right to counteract the ever-present Beltway pressures from the Left for more government over our lives.

We can work with Republican poliicains and help them work for a better, stronger, and freer America and a more peaceful world. We do not know how long the Republicans will remain in the majority in Congress. If the Democrats regain power, our opporutnity will be gone. The Democrat leadership is committed to Big Government all the way. With the right kind of persuasive communications from those on the pro-freedom side of the spectrum, the Republicans will respond.

The time to wage the ideological war for less government control and more private responsibility and freedom is now.




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